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Drama Workshops

Designed to help people from diverse backgrounds who have experienced difficult life circumstances.   These workshops aim to provide participants with the skills necessary to restore self-confidence, rebuild relationships and to make plans.

To be heard is a fundamental need in most people, but often we express ourselves in a way which alienates others.  These interactive group workshops use an approach to communication that gives participants the tools to express their needs in a non-violent way.  We focus on re-framing how they express themselves and hear others.  So instead of their responses being habitual or automatic, they start to react from a place of awareness.  The workshops are challenging, inspirational and engaging.

Techniques Used

- Forum theatre

- Group discussion

- Role play

- Observation techniques

Benefits to participants

- Learn how to express themselves and better understand others

- Build self-confidence and a positive approach to moving forward

Ruth has worked with both adults and teenagers on targeted projects as diverse as a nationwide Anti-Bullying Programme and a developmental drama module for the Merchants Quay Drug Rehabilitation Project.