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Ruth's theatre company, Fourth Leaf Productions, makes theatre that engages, challenges and delights an audience. “My strong belief is that theatre is not made up of two spaces, that of audience and players, but one, where the unexpected can happen.” Ruth Lehane.



The Lehane Trilogy…a theatre show in six parts.

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This award winning show written and performed by Ruth, was first produced in 2012.

Reviews and Acclaims for The Lehane Triology

“Each time an expectation develops, Ruth Lehane avoids it with relish, imperceptibly manipulating your feelings till the last minute.  The Lehane Trilogy is disarmingly charming.” - The Irish Times ****

“The trope of the sad clown is given a new twist in this brilliant show.  Go see; it will enrich your life.” -

“It is heavily melancholic and mildly disturbing. Not for the faint-hearted.” -

Ruth Lehane’s crossroads both literally and metaphorically is very like an Irish crossroads where comely maidens once danced in the Celtic mists. Ruth is wearing her best kilt and Aran jumper.  She has been waiting for a long time.  She’s waiting for her life to begin.  She’s sure it’ll start any minute now.  Her only companion is a cat.  Ruth Lehane hates cats. She’d prefer a man, a handsome man with black hair, big boots and a moustache. Which road will lead to the life she so desperately desires – a life full of love, laughter and success?

What is clown theatre ?

A clown show has a purpose and that purpose is to express/reveal the clown.  A clown script is structured to do that but in the live moment on stage anything can happen making clown theatre a truly live and anarchic form. The great thing about humanity is that it’s universal. The great thing about shared experience is that it’s enjoyable.

This show is for anyone who has ever felt too sad to cry.  It is for anyone who has ever been so in love that they felt their head would blow off.  It is for anyone who wants to laugh.




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Reviews and Acclaims for Ruth 66

“Ruth 66 sneaks up on you unexpectedly, beguiling you with its warmth, humor and charm. A marvelous, magical, madcap tale, its obvious surface conceals a hidden heart, a thoughtful soul and many laughs, all held together by Lehane’s terrifically engaging performance.” -

“Lehane delivers a typically energetic and committed performance, whether artfully switching voices and accents or tearing through a traditional Irish/line dancing routine.” - The Irish Times 

What happens when you take a step that brings you away from all things familiar?  RUTH 66 is a show about a clown who does just that.  She leaves the moss-drenched crossroads where she has been for a long time to travel across America in search of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!  Amidst her antics at The Palomino Motel; tequila in the back of Josephs Bar and an encounter with a moose, will she reach a new understanding of who she is and what the hell she’s doing here? Join Best Female Performer 2012  Dublin Fringe Festival 2012 on this bold, raucous voyage to find out.