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"Gave me a new perspective on life."  Student, Colaiste Mhuire, mixed school, Johnstown, Kilkenny.

INTERCHANGE is a dynamic programme designed to develop skills that will enable participants to communicate and negotiate interactions with ease, confidence, clarity and understanding.

"One of the best workshops we've had all year."  Student, Mount Temple secondary school, Dublin.

"INTERCHANGE and INTERCHANGE JUNIOR was borne out of a huge need I see in every corner of life for a better understanding of how to communicate well." Ruth Lehane

“It was a really fun workshop, and a good experience. We learned a lot about how to handle situations but in a fun way.” Student, Moyle Park, all boys school, Dublin.

"I think this was amazing and can make our goals come true."  Student, St Kevin’s GNS, Tallaght.

“I felt that the workshop was very good and it showed me how to look at situations that have to do with what I want, differently.” Student, Moyle Park, all boys school, Dublin.

“I thought it was very interesting and gave me a confidence boost, thank you Ruth.” Student, Colaiste Eoin, mixed school, Finglas, Dublin.

“Brilliant, great fun, learned lots.” Student, Eureka Secondary, all girls school, Kells, Co Meath.

“I liked the way Ruth didn’t say “don’t” she said “consider”. Fifth Class Student, St Kevin's primary school, Tallaght


Interchange Programme.

Who is this programme for? Originally designed for Transition Year students, Ruth has, on request, adapted the programme for all ages from 1st to 6th year students.
Learning tools
  • Role play
  • Observation techniques / Forum theatre
  • Solution searching
  • Individual focus / Reflection
  • Group discussion / Weekly tasks
Teaching Style Experiential / Interactive
Learning outcomes

Build confidence, self-belief and assertiveness

Heightened self / Social awareness

Develop self acceptance and empathy towards others

Develop listening skills

Coping strategies to overcome obstacles

Grow individual strengths

Workshop Format 6 x 2 hour workshops (over six weeks)
Number of attendees Ideal number 15 - 20
Overall objective Equip each student with skills that, post workshop attendance, will help them face their individual challenges with confidence, clarity and purpose.

Please contact Ruth for a more detailed account of the programme and to discuss your needs or ideas.  Ruth will be delighted to chat with you in confidence and with no obligation.  Her workshop fees are all inclusive of planning and preparation, as all programmes are custom designed to meet your specific objectives.  


Leaving Primary school and entering secondary can be daunting time for young people.  Having been invited to work with a group of fifth and sixth class students, where there were issues with bullying, I adapted the Interchange Programme to suit a younger demographic.  The result is hugely successful.

Primary Focus of INTERCHANGE Junior

- Building confidence and individual strengths

- Learning skills to recognise and handle group dynamics including bullying

- Addressing fears and developimg coping strategies

One to One

Ruth works with students on a one to one basis on request. Whether it’s bullying, low self-esteem, difficulty fitting in or any of the many challenges facing young people today, these one to one sessions help a student to build confidence, find their voice and develop a positive outlook.

Ruth has a BA in Drama from Trinity College Dublin. She also studied for two years at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris where she completed their two year specialised programme in Physical Theatre. It was at École Jacques Lecoq that Ruth became interested in the relevance of physical awareness, how we present and express ourselves, in everyday life. The analysis and control of body language is recognised as an essential skill in the business world. Ruth Lehane believes that introducing second level students to these concepts will provide them with a great advantage in preparing for work/college life. Interchange is a programme designed by Ruth to do just that.

Ruth’s unique range of experience makes her workshops highly interactive, fun and energising.